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SF is the brand for sustainable design products Made in Germany. Each product is handcrafted by her best local craftsman, achieving an outstanding German quality standard. SF collections are designed for customers who look for high quality and adorable touch of their clothes.

Her designs are edgy , innovative and a pleasure to wear. The SF designs made it to the runway shows in Berlin and international stages, where they earned big fame from the international fashion industry.

The production is a sustainable process in order to reach a high score green footprint, besides the supply chain is fully sustainable and under strict review. SF uses only innovative certified sustainable materials for her designs. This fabrics undergo a strict review process. In addition she develops her own innovative fabrics for some special products.

Political & Social

Sabine Feuerer is a member of different political institutions in Germany and works hand in hand with the German government for better social, economical and ecological standards in the worldwide garment and textile industry.

SF ranks among 200 partners from industry  and international organisations.

Some of the SF limited editions are linked to social donation projects (e.g. woman rights or animal protection).

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The Founder

Sabine Feuerer born in Munich, is rooted in the fashion industry. She worked for several international worldwide leading brands in the management level and further as a consultant for big industry players. She started fashion design at her childhood by sketching dresses, shoes and accessories. After completing successfully her degree in business administration at University of Sydney, she travelled different countries, beneath India. There she lived in Ashrams and practiced Yoga all day. At the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, she created the change she wanted to see in the world and decided to found her own sustainable fashion & design company. As her initials stand for SF –sustainable fashion- is her calling. Sabine Feuerer loves the nature, surfing, skiing, doing  yoga and travelling. She combines her work with political and social projects to protect endangered species and nature.

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