Sabine Feuerer - Sustainable Fashion

Sabine Feuerer Studio is the brand for sustainable luxury fashion Made in Germany. Each product is handcrafted in our german production facility, achieving an outstanding quality standard. Sabine Feuerer Studio products are designed for customers who look for sustainable quality and a brand with a deep impact on a sustainable economy.

The brand stands for innovation and a fully sustainable product process. For more information about our sustainable product lifetime circle, have a look at OUR SUSTAINABILITY. Sabine Feuerer Studio offers a sustainable renting business model as well as a reselling system in order to offer a second life to the luxury products. All processes are  optimized for a green footprint and a reduced CO² production. Besides our supply chain is under strict review by the german government.

We use only certified sustainable materials from our well selected suppliers, this fabrics undergo a strict review process.

Political & Social

Sabine Feuerer is a member of different political institutions in Germany and works hand in hand with the German government for better social, economical and ecological standards in the worldwide garment and textile industry.  Sabine Feuerer Studio ranks among 200 partners from industry  and international organisations.
Exclusive Sabine Feuerer Studio limited editions are linked to social donation projects  e.g. woman rights, protection of endangered species or environmental protection.